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Work honestly - profitable!

Welcome to the trading company :
Golden-City-Trade LTD

Company offers You profitable investments with the Deposit rates to 2.5% on the day. Check operation and reliability of the company and everyone can, because we the minimum investment amount just from $1.

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Currency exchange rate 23.06.2018.
USD - GBP 1 $ = 0.74 £
USD - EUR 1 $ = 0.84 €
USD - RUB 1 $ = 61.74 ք
USD - UAH 1 $ = 26.19 ₴
The last calculation +0.00%
Fixed rate +1.00 %
Additional rate +-1%
Total received +839.1%

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25.05.2018 .

Technical work

Total revenue amounted to : 0.00 %

Dear users and investors! 
Large-scale technical work on the sites of the company G-C-T LTD and GCT-CRYPTO without disconnecting sites in order to upgrade the protection system extended.A special message will be published about the completion of the work in the news sections of the sites and in the groups of social networks.We remind You,when the technical work on the website G-C-T LTD will be made ..... Read more ...

15.05.2018 .

The extension of technical works

Total revenue amounted to : 0.00 %

Dear users and investors!
Independent of the we have to extend probably to 25.05.2018 year carrying out a large-scale technical works at the sites of the company G-C-T LTD and GCT-CRYPTO without disabling sites with the purpose of modernization of the system of protection.We remind you that during the technical work on the site G - C-T LTD will be made only fixed charges in the amount of 1% of the rese ..... Read more ...

11.05.2018 .

Report for the week.

Total revenue amounted to : 0.00 %

The total accrued profit for the past day was + 1.0% From them: - Additional profit + 0.00%- Fixed profit of 1% on deposits (accrued from the reserve Fund)For the trading week, the additional profit + 0.1%In the trading week, accrued a TOTAL profit of +5.1%Since its inception the network (11.03.16), todaythe day our investors assessed a total profit +843%We remind you that the company Has its own online chat rooms.In them you will always be able to watch t ..... Read more ...

Reliability guarantee

Listed below are some of our benefits and reliability


You can enter into a formal contract with the company:
1. Visiting one of the offices of the company.
2. Contact the representative in your city.
3. After receiving the contract with stamp mailed by registered mail or courier delivery.
The company its reserve Fund, which deducts a portion of their earnings.


Full online support:
For customer convenience, we provide ongoing online user support including:
Hotline phone: +442038685256 (09:00 - 16:00 GMT )
Skype : golden-city-trade
ICQ : 655302975


Protection of the site, implemented using the procedure "protection", and includes the following types:
SSL protection (SSL certificate)
DDoS GuarD (ddos Protection)
GCT protection (Protection of personal data, hide the account numbers from a third party).
Complete privacy.

Online reports

One of the most important advantages is the reality of work.
On working days, live chat, the company laid out the screenshots
ongoing trading operations in real time with a brief description.

Tape payments

About the company

Honestly to work - profitably!
In January 2016, the administration of trading companies Golden City Trade an important decision was made, attracting private investment.
Our advantage is undeniable and the only important is the REALITY of work.
On working days, live chat company, laid out screenshots of trading operations with a brief description.
If there is even one investor we work with, consistently producing a profit.
Speaking about the activities of our company, we need to understand that the two directions of trade. The first direction is a commodity exchange  - trade in precious metals, oil, etc. the Second direction is exchange trading currencies and crypto-currencies.
More than 6 years professionally and successfully, engaged in trade in these areas. Developed, tested and implemented our own unique trading system, which enable risk-free trade.
A trading company created by a team of successful traders. To date, currency and commodity trading gives the best profit in the segment.
From the very beginning, was established a Guarantee reserve Fund, which is constantly updated. We must understand that all the time to trade exclusively in plus - fiction and this is physically impossible.
There are bad days and that is why was created a reserve Fund. Warranty reserve Fund, consistently allows to calculate the lowest possible profit while an unsuccessful trading days.
Trade is conducted exclusively in a foreign, time-tested Banks and Brokerage firms. 
If any "smart" but for some reason the poor will tell us that in a month earn 20-50% profit is not real - let at once goes past there, where you were going.
The payment system were chosen taking into account the fact that all of them are conducted anonymously. What is important for the safety of both the investors and the administration of the company.
Deposits accepted around the clock, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.
All the transactions happen in US dollars (usd).
IMPORTANT: it is Forbidden to create more than one account on the company's website.
The fixed return on all deposits 1% is charged on a daily (working days) in automatic mode.
Additional profit (except weekends and holidays) is charged up to 1.5%%, depending on trading results.
Additional income (if received) is credited in the manual mode, every day from after 16:00 GMT.
Applications for withdrawal, are created at any time, round the clock in automatic mode.

Investors ' funds never under any circumstances stored on the company's accounts. Everything instantly starts working.

Working hours ALL departments of the company including Online Help from 08.00 to 16.00 GMT (10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time) Weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

Exchange at the weekend not working. Please remember about it when creating the withdrawal request.
In the main European holidays, exchanges do not work and so the profit these days is not charged.
1-2 January - New year's day.
May 7 - not working day
June 4 - non working day
December 24-25 - Christmas
We recommend you to visit the company blog with original articles. 

The administration wishes You a successful investment and a stable income!


Every investor or user can see with the registration documents of the company Golden City Trade.

Number company: 09887173 To check the registry

Address: Golden-City-Trade LTD :

London England,142 Church street, NW8 8EX

Company No. 09887173

Phone: +442038685256

Calculation table

Calculation table per day for the first month:
Calculation table for months:

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Golden-City-Trade LTD.
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P: +442038685256
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Phone: 88007755403

Working hours: from 09.00 to 18.00 MSK
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Working hours: from 09.00 to 18.00 MSK

Skype : golden-city-trade
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